There is only one OFFICIAL 3 Footed Monster – Beware of the scams

As you may have seen, Chinese scammers have stolen all of our copyright material and are even using our name to rip people off by pretending to sell the 3 Footed Monster. The price alone shows how much of a scam it is!


All we ask is that if you see these scammers putting up ads on social media, it’s definitely not us and we’d love it if you could report it.

Whilst it isn’t really affecting us, as excited entrepreneurs we don’t want our reputation to be tarnished, but more we so feel really badly for all of the people who think they’re buying something, but are actually just giving away money, their personal details and even their banking details to the scammers.

Remember, THERE IS ONLY ONE 3 FOOTED MONSTER and it’s only available on Kickstarter right now, but afterwards it’ll be available at the addresses below. – – – –

Any other official distributors WILL be listed on the web addresses above.

We really appreciate your support and cant wait to show you what else we have coming!


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